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 Men's Bostonian Shoes

The Most Underrated Brand on the Planet: Since the 1980s people have been interested in Bostonians, either you hate them or you love them. If you love them, then you will never consider buying another brand of shoes for the rest of your life. During the 1980s Bostonian set out to accomplish something that no one had ever tried before, to design a hard (note hard) feeling dress shoe that would last (note the word "last"). In 1982 they accomplished just that, the best dress shoe in history. However, since it was hard, and because the sole was made out of industrialized leather they were critisized. Nevertheless, they accomplished what they sought for. Bostonian shoes indeed are made in Boston.

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What about Bostonian Shoes:
"Great Everyday Wing-Tip - This is a great shoe to beat up and not worry about. I buy these two pair at a time. I have resoled several pair more than once before wearing out the leather on the shoe. I wear these in NYC through winter snow and slush and rain and they take a beating. I have them polished once a week at Penn Station and they always bounce back looking great. I recommend using good shoe trees to make them last. I wear Allen-Edmonds Park Avenues, Chesters and MacNeils, but, while the AEs are clearly better quality, I would never pound them like I do my Madisons. If Bostonians fit you, the Madison (for about a hundred bucks) is a great shoe. "

"Bought three pairs of these Bostonian shoes This really is a very confortable much so that after getting the first pair, I liked them so much that I got two more in brown and one in black. Now that it's winter, I'm considering buying a fourth pair a half-size later to go with thicker socks. If they quit making this shoe, I'm going to be really really unhappy."

Popular Bostonian Styles: Academy, Bari, Britton, Charlton, Fairpoint, Grappa, Hingham, Lodi, Marshfield, Ocala, Regal, Renown, Tampa,

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