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 Kavu Handbags

In 1993 KAVU was launched with a individual artefact and a beefy knowledge - live existence to its fullest all daylight hours. An entrepreneurial breath and this aesthetics hold provided administration for the association since its beginning. Out on the bumpy blustering waters of the Bering Main accomplished 13 years ago, KAVU s Belt Better was developed. It was a hat that would care for ones bean, control the daystar cancelled the clock, and abide on in the most mighty winds. The primary Belt Cap- a canvas beat secured beside a band of 5000 pound backbone webbing allowing for on-head adjustment. Immediately a signature KAVU bit, the Belt Better stays on in about any open-air provision from Everest to the Zambezi river. Today and daily, KAVU creates men and women's open-air costume using a change of abiding, broken and agreeable fabrics in designs that capture mankind by the complete the adventures of diurnal lifetime. KAVU along with has an all-inclusive accomplice border, containing hats, bags, and sunglasses. The association employees and Band KAVU artefact testers be entertained by the chase of the outdoors in their individual backyard and enclosing the earth. The ardour in the adventure for the complete daylight at rest thrives at KAVU, or a KAVU daylight hours at rest drives the corporation to innovate and animate open-air amusement between their path.

Popular Kavu Styles: Belt It Bag, Bi Coastal Bag, Cadet, Climbers Bag, Decatur, Grab Go, Himuka Bag, Jackson Force 10 Canvas, Keeper Bag-Force 10, Lopez, Oxford Kavu Novelty, Rope Bag, Scout, Sydney Satchel Bag, The Chat em Force 10 Canvas, The Chat em Kavu Novelty, Tiny Tote, Tortola Tote Bag

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